first responder

Coordination of your rescue plan

  • Handling of rescuer status (available/ on an intervention)
  • Following of the intervention : Alert, Leaving, On Field, Medical Evaluation, Evacuation, End of Evacuation.
  • Timestamped daybook
  • Geolocation in real time (additional cost)

Help to your organization

  • Automatic creation of activity report : thoses reports are specific for each associations and some are made for administration, and government.

Mobile application for Android and IOS users

  • Decrease the utilisation of radio communication and phone
  • Better transmission of information : medical check-up and constants are sent to server using the app. No failure possible.
  • A simplified figure help rescuer to build a medical check-up of the injured, then it is automatically send to server and coordinator
  • Intuitive take of constants and automatic sending.
  • Online and offline utilisation : if your user is in a place without wifi or 3G, the app store the information on the device then synchronize all data when back online. The user then has to communicate the essential information to the coordinator by radio or phone.
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